Alumni Association

Are you a member of the Epsilon-Chi Zeta Alumni Association? The Alumni Association was organized in February 2020 to foster brotherhood and fellowship between alumni of all ages. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to increase the participation and interest level among the alumni brothers of Epsilon-Chi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha by building communication links and hosting gatherings. For a small monthly, or discounted annual membership fee, alumni will be entitled to reduced bi-annual on-campus alumni events, reduced regional events, a digital newsletter and a digital membership directory of all initiates.

The Alumni Association was founded to not only give back to alumni, but to undergraduate brothers as well. Each semester the AA will award a membership scholarship to a deserving undergraduate brother.

Alumni Association Members
Zeta NumberPreferred NameLast Name
EX 345 Finisse Henson
EX 361 Mark Allen
EX 377 Bill Boyd
EX 412 Mansell McCord
EX 472 Kipp Brown
EX 537 Mark Ertel
EX 541 Jim Oakes
EX 595 Jim Richter
EX 599 Walt Davis
EX 643 Russell Tate
EX 656 Chris Draper
EX 667 Don Jarratt
EX 697 Johnny Healy
EX 698 Larry Mason
EX 720 Rob Powers
EX 733 Jack Burrell
EX 734 Gary Ladd
EX 756 Hayden Kaiser
EX 766 Todd Williams
EX 770 Rory Trapp
EX 771 Rob Myers
EX 780 Jon Cooper
EX 783 Scott Baldwin
EX 785 Michael Columbus
EX 787 Taz Tyrone
EX 817 Jon Holmes
EX 866 Les Howell
EX 930 Patrick Plourde
EX 943 Jay Chafin
EX 947 Jonathan Hill
EX 957 Brian Maxey
EX 963 Bill Friedenreich
EX 979 James Walley
EX 998 Ben Ryder
EX 1000 Jay Tucker
EX 1022 David Stovall
EX 1034 Talon Kasmai
EX 1036 Josh Roberts
EX 1049 Allen Gressett
EX 1063 Troy Eliser
EX 1067 Tyler Bregar
EX 1073 Michael Wilkerson
EX 1078 Cole Durant
EX 1080 Jonathan Nelson
EX 1084 Ben Nanney
EX 1088 Kevin Gilbert
EX 1089 Steven Manley
EX 1095 Philip Vanderleest
EX 1101 Andrew Jones
EX 1102 Grant Patten
EX 1103 Matthew Hink
EX 1119 Tyler Nelson
EX 1122 Iver Vandiver
EX 1123 Jay Rane
EX 1127 Dustin McCallum
EX 1151 Alex Barrett
EX 1162 Kyle Moore
EX 1170 Matthew Jones
EX 1192 Michael Boler
EX 1210 Thomas Loftis
EX 1211 Sam Scudder
EX 1252 Chris Wittich
EX 1320 Carter Allen


Alumni Event

November 18-19, 2022

Starkville, MS

Letter to our Alumni

When we were newly initiated, energetic underclassmen, decades ago for many of us, we discussed the need for a new chapter house with better amenities. Likewise, we discussed the desire for a more active alumni group that encouraged members to remain in contact with the chapter and with one another after graduation. For decades we
discussed these needs, but as we know, there is naught without labor.

As we have seen in recent years, several members have taken active roles on behalf of the alumni. We now have a new, multimillion-dollar house with plans for future renovation and expansion. We are experiencing unprecedented growth. Our chapter is changing for the better. When we were planning for new construction, a survey of alumni revealed an overwhelming demand for better
alumni communication and periodic social events that would allow us to reconnect with one another. As seen through our semi-annual newsletter, the communication with alumni is improving.

The Epsilon-Chi Zeta Alumni Association has been established and our mission is…

To increase the participation and interest level among our alumni brothers by building communication links and hosting gatherings.

Over the last several months, these brothers have formulated plans and undertaken efforts to get our first Alumni Association off the ground and ensure the association’s continued success for decades to come.

Although we had planned to hold more than one social event by now, the pandemic derailed those plans. A fall social event is in the planning stages and is tentatively scheduled for October 16, 2021, which is the weekend of the MSU/Alabama football game. All alumni are encouraged to save this date, as the event will be memorable. Details will be forthcoming, and you may even be called upon to help! There is also discussion of an annual spring event that is likely to coincide with Super Bulldog Weekend each year. This event may include a golf tournament, dinner, and a band.

On behalf of your Alumni Association, you are invited to become a member and rekindle the bonds of brotherhood developed during our college years.

JOIN US…the time is now!

Visit our website at for more information and a current listing of members.

Membership dues: $100/year or $10/month.

Membership benefits:
• Ensure continued alumni newsletters and communications
• Fund alumni social gatherings for members
• Provided digital membership directory for members

You can also join via check written to “Epsilon-Chi Zeta Alumni Association” and mailed to Lambda Chi Alpha, P.O. Box 218307, Nashville, TN 37221.

Rather than continuing to discuss how we wish things would improve for our chapter and wondering “whatever happened to…,” now is the time to seize upon the current momentum of improvement. The time is now to be part of our Alumni Association—one that we always desired when we were active members of the Epsilon Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. We look forward to seeing each of you at the upcoming fall social event.

Yours in ZAX,
The Epsilon-Chi Zeta Alumni Association Board


Donations from alumni and friends of Lambda Chi Alpha are what have allowed Epsilon-Chi Zeta to operate and provide lifelong relationships to hundreds of men for over 80 years! Contributions are used for additions, renovations, and maintenance of our impressive chapter house. Additional donations will allow the Epsilon-Chi Zeta Housing Corporation to accelerate loan payments, saving the active chapter and alumni months, or even years, of interest payments.

How to Reconnect

We would love for our Alumni to celebrate with us and join us at our next gathering. The chapter recently held an Alumni Crawfish Boil that was greatly enjoyed by all in attendance. We would like for you to reconnect and become a part of the historic growth of Epsilon-Chi Zeta. Please send us your information below!