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Alumni Association

Are you a member of the Epsilon-Chi Zeta Alumni Association? The Alumni Association was organized in February 2020 to foster brotherhood and fellowship between alumni of all ages. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to increase the participation and interest level among the alumni brothers of Epsilon-Chi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha by building communication links and hosting gatherings. For a small monthly, or discounted annual membership fee, alumni will be entitled to reduced bi-annual on-campus alumni events, reduced regional events, a digital newsletter and a digital membership directory of all initiates.

The Alumni Association was founded to not only give back to alumni, but to undergraduate brothers as well. Each semester the AA will award a membership scholarship to a deserving undergraduate brother.

Alumni Association Members
Zeta NumberPreferred NameLast Name
EX 328 Rusty Drane
EX 361 Mark Allen
EX 386 Jim Koerber
EX 412 Mansell McCord
EX 462 Ken Stringer
EX 535 Ronald Carrozza
EX 541 Jim Oakes
EX 643 Russell Tate
EX 667 Don Jarratt
EX 771 Rob Myers
EX 783 Scott Baldwin
EX 787 Taz Tyrone
EX 979 James Walley
EX 1069 Joshua Andrews
EX 1078 Cole Durant
EX 1084 Ben Nanney
EX 1170 Matthew Jones
EX 1320 Carter Allen


Regional Events

Year Round

Various Locations

Letter to our Alumni

We deeply appreciate our alumni support over the past two and a half years. We have accomplished incredible things together, most notably the renovation and expansion of our beloved chapter house. Our capital campaign, Pride in Our Past, Foundation for the Future, has officially concluded. Together, we have raised almost 80% of our fundraising goal. Although the chapter house renovation is complete, it’s not too late to be a part of this important chapter in Epsilon-Chi Zeta’s history.

As we transition out of the capital phase of our growth, we must all turn our attention to the operational success of Epsilon-Chi Zeta. We have proved our ability to coalesce around a common goal since the start of the capital campaign in the spring of 2016. We’ve spent the past two and a half years building intergenerational friendships, expanding our networks, and living the values of what it means to be a brother in the bonds of Lambda Chi Alpha.

This year in particular as we wind down from the capital campaign efforts, we are shifting our focus to using those alumni relationships and resources to achieve operational excellence. Our upgraded chapter house is a tool to ensure the growth and continued development of Epsilon- Chi Zeta. Quite simply, our mission is to serve each other and our undergraduate members.

This past summer, we celebrated the completion of the chapter house renovation and expansion. We thank all of our steadfast alumni who celebrated the completion of our housing expansion project. Achieving this would have been an impossible feat without your continued support and unwavering dedication to our great chapter. We are forever grateful and know that future generations of brothers will succeed due to your kindness and generosity.

I am grateful for your support and encouragement and look forward to serving you as we get full swing into another fantastic year for Lambda Chi Alpha.

Yours in ZAX,
Scott Baldwin (EX 783)
Campaign Chairman


Donations from alumni and friends of Lambda Chi Alpha are what have allowed Epsilon-Chi Zeta to operate and provide lifelong relationships to hundreds of men for over 80 years! Contributions are used for additions, renovations, and maintenance of our impressive chapter house. Additional donations will allow the Epsilon-Chi Zeta Housing Corporation to accelerate loan payments, saving the active chapter and alumni months, or even years, of interest payments.

How to Reconnect

We would love for our Alumni to celebrate with us and join us at our next gathering. The chapter recently held an Alumni Crawfish Boil that was greatly enjoyed by all in attendance. We would like for you to reconnect and become a part of the historic growth of Epsilon-Chi Zeta. Please send us your information below!

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